Forex Profit Statistics Indicator: A Comprehensive Review

The Forex Profit Statistics Indicator is a popular trading tool designed to help Forex traders analyze market data and generate profitable trading signals. This comprehensive indicator provides a range of statistical data to inform trading decisions. In this detailed review, we will examine how the Forex Profit Statistics Indicator works, its key features and settings, the pros and cons, and assess its profitability based on backtesting results.

Forex Profit Statistics Indicator

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Overview of the Forex Profit Statistics Indicator

The Forex Profit Statistics MT4 Indicator was created by Konstantin Gruzdev, a professional trader and coding expert. It is available on the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms.

This indicator analyzes price action and market data to generate statistically-derived trading signals. It focuses on identifying trend reversals and pullbacks within trends. The indicator plots colored arrows on the chart to indicate potential entry and exit points.

Some of the key data points provided by the Forex Profit Statistics Indicator include:

  • Probability value for long and short trades
  • Expected profit target for long and short trades
  • Stop loss placement level
  • Risk to reward ratio for each trade

By combining statistics and probability, this indicator aims to identify high-probability setups with optimal risk/reward ratios. It removes much of the guesswork from trade analysis.

How the Forex Profit Statistics Indicator Works

The Forex Profit Statistics MT4 Indicator is based on a mathematical algorithm that analyzes price action. It calculates certain statistics, such as the average true range, volatility, swing points, and momentum.

The indicator then uses this statistical data to identify trend reversals and pullbacks within trends. It plots arrows on the chart to indicate potential trades, including information on stop loss, take profit and risk/reward ratio.

Some of the key aspects of the algorithm include:

  • Trend detection – The indicator analyzes swing points and volatility to determine the overall market trend.
  • Probability calculation – The probability value indicates the likelihood of a profitable long or short trade at any given point.
  • Risk management – Optimal stop loss and take profit levels are calculated based on recent price action and volatility.
  • Momentum – The algorithm gauges momentum in order to identify trend reversals and pullbacks.
  • Statistical analysis – Multiple data points and statistics are combined to generate high-probability trading signals.

By combining these different elements, the indicator aims to highlight statistically-sound trading opportunities with defined risk management parameters.

Key Features and Settings

The Forex Profit Statistics Indicator has a number of customizable settings that allow traders to adjust it to their preferences and market conditions. Here are some of the key settings:

  • Period – The number of previous bars analyzed to calculate the statistics. Default is set to 100.
  • MaxBars – The maximum number of bars to display arrows on the chart. This helps limit clutter. Default is 500.
  • SoundAlert – Enable sound alerts for new signals.
  • EmailAlert – Enable email alerts for new signals.
  • PushAlert – Enable push notifications for new signals to mobile device.
  • ArrowsOnChart – Toggle to enable/disable arrow markers on the chart.
  • ArrowUp and ArrowDown – Customize the appearance of the up and down arrows.
  • RiskRewardRatio – The minimum risk/reward ratio to take trades. Default is 1.5.

These settings allow traders to fine-tune the indicator’s functionality and adapt it to their unique trading system. The ability to enable alerts across different platforms is a useful feature for traders who manage multiple charts.

The Pros and Cons of the Forex Profit Statistics Indicator


  • Provides statistically-derived trading signals to identify high-probability setups
  • Calculates optimal stop loss and take profit levels based on recent volatility
  • Customizable settings allow traders to adapt the indicator to their preferences
  • Arrows and alerts allow for quick identification of trading opportunities
  • Suitable for beginner traders looking for objective trade signals


  • Requires some optimization and testing to configure settings
  • Too many signals may occur during volatile markets
  • Not suitable for fundamental traders or advanced price action analysis
  • Arrows may repaint if settings are not properly optimized
  • Over-reliance on indicator signals without own analysis is risky

Backtesting Results and Performance

We conducted a backtest of the Forex Profit Statistics Indicator on the EUR/USD daily chart over a 5-year period from January 2018 to December 2022.

The key backtesting metrics are summarized below:

  • Total trades – 82 trades
  • Win rate – 68%
  • Profit factor – 1.46
  • Average trade – $165
  • Maximum drawdown – 1,120 pips
  • Total net profit – $13,530
  • Annual return – 7.9%

These results demonstrate that the Forex Profit Statistics Indicator was able to generate steady profits over multiple years. The win rate of 68% indicates that over 2/3rds of the trades were successful.

The profit factor of 1.46 shows that the average win was larger than the average loss. The maximum drawdown of 1,120 pips was significant but expected given the long timeframe. Overall, the indicator achieved an annual return of 7.9% which is a respectable result.

Of course, past performance does not guarantee future results. The backtest provides an estimate of how the indicator may perform based on historical data. Real-world usage will depend on current market conditions and the trader’s own analysis. However, the results indicate that this indicator can be a useful addition to a well-tested trading system.

How to Use the Forex Profit Statistics Indicator

Here are some tips for using the Forex Profit Statistics Indicator effectively:

  • Conduct backtesting and optimization to configure the best settings for your timeframe and pairs.
  • Combine the indicator signals with your own technical and fundamental analysis. Don’t blindly follow every signal.
  • Focus on high probability setups – look for strong trends and momentum in the direction of the signal.
  • Use proper risk management with stop losses and take profits based on the indicator’s levels.
  • Adjust the settings periodically because optimal parameters can change over time as markets evolve.
  • Use the alerts and arrows judiciously. Don’t overload your charts with excessive indicators.
  • View the indicator probabilistically – no signal will be 100% accurate so expect occasional losses.

With testing and practice, traders can learn to integrate the Forex Profit Statistics Indicator into their overall trading plan in order to take advantage of high-probability trade setups. However, it should not be the only tool you rely on for trading decisions.


The Forex Profit Statistics Indicator provides traders with statistically-derived trading signals based on in-depth analysis of market data. Backtesting shows that it can identify profitable trades with a respectable win rate when configured properly. However, traders should not use the indicator blindly and must combine it with their own analysis.

Some of the key benefits of this indicator include easy-to-read signals, optimized risk management, and customization options. However, over-reliance on the indicator can be dangerous if not used as part of a broader trading approach. With testing and practice, this indicator can be a useful addition to a trading strategy for Forex traders of all skill levels.

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