Forex Simpler Trend Indicator: A Powerful Tool for Identifying Market Trends

The Forex Simpler Trend indicator is a powerful yet easy-to-use technical analysis tool for identifying market trends. This custom indicator overlays bars on the price chart that change color based on the direction of the trend – green for bullish trends and red for bearish trends.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about using the Forex Simpler Trend indicator for analyzing forex charts and making profitable trades.

Forex Simpler Trend Indicator

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How the Forex Simpler Trend Indicator Works

The Simpler Trend indicator is based on the Heiken Ashi indicator but with modifications to make it less susceptible to market noise and false signals. It smooths out price action to clearly highlight the dominant trend in the market.

The indicator calculates the price change between the current period’s open, high, low and close. It then compares this price change to historical price movements over a specified averaging period, usually 30 periods.

If the current price change is greater than the historical volatility, the bar color stays the same as the previous bar. If the price change exceeds the historical volatility significantly, the bar color changes to indicate a trend reversal.

So in an uptrend, the bars remain green until the selling pressure exceeds the historical volatility significantly and the bars turn red. The opposite happens in a downtrend.

This approach ensures the indicator stays with the dominant trend for as long as possible before signaling reversals. It filters out market noise to avoid premature trend change signals.

Key Benefits of this Indicator

Here are some of the main benefits of using the Simpler Trend indicator in forex trading:

Clear visualization of the dominant trend

The colored bars make it very easy to see the prevailing trend at a glance. You can instantly tell if the market is in an uptrend or downtrend.

Smoother price action

By smoothing out the minor price fluctuations, the indicator focuses only on the meaningful trend moves and reversals. This results in fewer false signals.


The indicator can be used on any forex currency pair and across all timeframes from 1 minute to monthly. It works equally well for scalping, day trading, and long-term position trading.

Easy to interpret

With just two colors, green and red, the indicator provides clear signals that are simple to interpret. When the bars are green, it indicates bullish momentum, and when red, bearish momentum.

Customizable parameters

Users can tweak the averaging period and sensitivity of the indicator to suit their trading style and market conditions.

Works well during trending and ranging markets

The indicator adapts well to changing market conditions. It stays invested in trends and avoids premature exits, while also reacting quickly when ranges start developing.

Trading Strategies with the Simpler Trend Indicator

The Simpler Trend indicator can be used either as a standalone trading system or in combination with other technical analysis tools. Here are some effective trading strategies you can test out:

Trend trading

The most obvious way to trade with the Simpler Trend indicator is to buy when the bars turn green and sell when they turn red. You can trail stops under swing lows in uptrend and swing highs in downtrends to lock in profits as the trend unfolds.

Trend reversals

Look for bullish and bearish reversals when the color of the bars changes. Combine with Japanese candlestick patterns or other indicators like RSI for confirmation before entering counter-trend trades.

Range trading

During periods of price consolidation when the bars keep flipping between red and green, you can buy near support and sell near resistance. Options strategies also work well in ranging markets.

Breakout trading

The Simpler Trend indicator often signals trend resumptions with its colored bars. Trade breakouts from key chart levels when the bars start coloring green after red or vice versa.

Make sure to backtest these strategies across different currency pairs and timeframes. Fine-tune the parameters and combine additional indicators if needed to improve profitability.

Optimizing the Parameters of the Forex Simpler Trend Indicator

The Simpler Trend indicator for MT4 has two key parameters you can optimize – the averaging period and sensitivity.

Averaging period

This sets the number of periods used to calculate the historical volatility. Default value is 30. Lower values make the indicator more sensitive while higher values smooth out the signals.


This affects how easily the colored bars flip when price action changes character. Default value is 3.0. Higher sensitivity values require a bigger price change to flip the color of bars.

Make sure to experiment with these settings across different currency pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/JPY, AUD/USD etc. and on timeframes from 5-minutes to 1-hour.

Optimize the parameters to match the volatility of each forex pair. More volatile pairs may need higher averaging periods and lower sensitivity.


The Forex Simpler Trend custom indicator is an invaluable tool for trend traders. Its ability to filter out market noise and clearly highlight the dominant trend makes it possible to profit from forex trends as they unfold.

Combine the signals from the Simpler Trend indicator with price action analysis and other indicators for a robust trading system that works across all market conditions.

So download the indicator and add it to your forex trading toolbox today!

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