The Complete Guide to Bizon Scalper: Revolutionizing Scalping with AI

Bizon Scalper is an advanced trading toolkit taking the forex world by storm. This comprehensive guide dives into how it works, key features and benefits, considerations for traders, and more about this powerful AI-driven solution aiming to maximize scalping profits.

Bizon Scalper

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Overview: What is Bizon Scalper?

Bizon Scalper is a collection of proprietary trading tools developed by the Bizon Group, composed of seasoned forex traders and coding experts. It is specifically designed for scalping strategies across currency pairs through high probability setups during optimal trading sessions.

The core of Bizon Scalper includes:

  • Custom Indicators – 7 proprietary indicators for assessing momentum, volatility, and potential pivot points.
  • Expert Advisor – An automated trading bot that executes orders based on signals.
  • Guidelines – Rules and tips for risk management, identifying prime scalping times, and best practices.

By combining these elements, Bizon Scalper aims to pinpoint high probability scalping opportunities where the risk-reward ratio favors small consistent profits per session.

It runs natively on MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. The tools search for potential setups during active trading hours around the London/New York overlaps across any currency pairs.

Bizon Scalper Key Features and Tools

Bizon Scalper packs numerous powerful features into its toolkit to enhance scalping performance. Let’s explore some of the core capabilities:

Advanced Indicators

The foundation of Bizon Scalper is its suite of custom indicators designed specifically for scalping strategies. These display key data like:

  • Momentum – Helps identify acceleration that may precede a price swing.
  • Volatility – Highlights price fluctuation levels to exploit.
  • Pivot Points – Potential support/resistance areas for bounces.

By combining these insights, traders can assess optimal entry and exit levels for scalps.

AI-Powered Expert Advisor

The included Expert Advisor bot leverages AI algorithms to monitor the indicators and automatically execute trades based on signals. This hands-free approach allows continuous scalping without manual intervention.

Traders can customize risk management rules and enable a semi-automatic mode with pop-up alerts.

Advanced Risk Management

Bizon Scalper incorporates numerous risk management features to maximize profit potential while minimizing downside, including:

  • News Filter – Avoids volatility from news events.
  • Precision Exits – Optimizes take-profit and stop-loss for each trade.
  • Trading Filters – Reduces false signals to enhance accuracy.

Email/Popup Alerts

The indicator suite delivers visual and audio alerts directly on the MetaTrader platform. Additionally, email notifications keep traders updated on signals without having charts open at all times.

Detailed User Guide

Bizon Scalper includes access to a library of video tutorials and training materials. These cover optimizing settings, best practices using the tools, and tips to enhance scalping consistency.

Bizon Scalper Benefits for Scalping Traders

Bizon Scalper offers a wide range of benefits that make it an attractive choice for forex scalping strategies including:

Effortless Automation

The AI-powered Expert Advisor bot handles order execution automatically based on indicator signals. This allows scalping multiple currency pairs simultaneously without manual intervention.

Enhanced Precision

Combining advanced indicators, risk filters, optimized exits, and AI algorithms enhances scalping precision for higher probability setups.

Reduced Stress

With automated order management, news filtering, and detailed alerts/notifications, Bizon Scalper reduces emotional decision-making and stress associated with active scalping.

Customizable Approach

Traders can enable a semi-automatic mode with pop-up alerts or take full manual control using the indicators as a guide. This flexibility accommodates varying skill levels and preferences.

Higher Profit Potential

By exploiting small intraday moves across sessions, scalpers can compound many micro profits into sizable returns over time. Bizon Scalper aims to maximize this potential.

Real User Reviews and Results

Early adopters of Bizon Scalper highlight exceptional profitability and ease-of-use as major benefits. Across various timeframes, pairs, and account types, users showcase consistency:

“Awesome scalping results! Over $1100 profit in my first week using Scalper on the 1-minute chart. The expert advisor makes execution effortless during volatile sessions.”

“I tested Scalper manually across different currency pairs and timeframes. It rarely misses a solid setup thanks to the precise indicators and risk filters. My scalping win rate has improved dramatically.”

The developers also provide verified results from the expert advisor trading live accounts:

M1 Results – $1149.10 total profit over 2 weeks of automated scalping.

M15 Results – $310.50 profit across just 4 trades on EUR/JPY.

These results demonstrate the profit potential and accuracy traders can achieve using the tools both manually and automated.

Bizon Scalper Pricing and Availability

Bizon Scalper is available directly from the developer’s website with license options to suit individual needs:

  • 1 Broker License – $198 for use with 1 brokerage account.
  • Unlimited License – $398 for use across unlimited accounts/platforms.

The developer also offers:

  • Secure payment methods and customer support.
  • No-questions-asked 30 day money back guarantee.

Verdict: Powerful Solution for Scalpers

Bizon Scalper stands out as an exceptional all-in-one toolkit for forex scalping strategies. Combining AI-automation, precision indicators, and advanced risk management gives traders an advantage exploiting short-term moves.

While results vary trader-to-trader, the reliability, profit potential, and ease-of-use make it an extremely attractive solution. The inclusion of training materials and flexible operation modes also accommodate novice to advanced scalpers.

Overall, Scalper packages power, sophistication, and convenience into one unified scalping solution. Forex traders interested in simplifying and enhancing short-term strategies should definitely keep Scalper on their radar.

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