The Renko Reversal System – A Powerful yet Simple Trading Strategy

The Renko Reversal System is a unique trading strategy that utilizes Renko charts to identify potential trend reversals in the market. In this comprehensive review, we will dive deep into how this system works, its key features, pros and cons, and assess its profitability based on backtests and live trading results.

Renko Reversal System

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What is the Renko Reversal System?

The Renko Reversal System is a custom trading indicator and strategy available for the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. It analyzes price action using Renko charts, which display price movement in uniform bricks without considering time.

This trading approach aims to detect trend reversals ahead of time before a new trend emerges. The indicator scans for specific reversal patterns on the Renko charts and provides buy and sell signals to capitalize on the upcoming move.

How Does the Renko Reversal System Work?

The Renko Reversal System has a well-defined set of rules for generating trading signals:

  • It uses the Average True Range (ATR) to calculate optimal brick size for the Renko charts
  • Bricks are colored green in an uptrend and red in a downtrend
  • The system looks for valid reversal patterns to emerge
    • For long signals: A green brick should form after 2 consecutive red bricks
    • For short signals: A red brick should form after 2 consecutive green bricks
  • Entries are taken when a valid reversal pattern gets confirmed
  • Initial stop loss is placed at 2 times the ATR value
  • First target exit is set at 2 times the ATR value

By combining Renko bricks with specific reversal patterns, this system aims to pinpoint high probability entries. The use of ATR for brick size and stop loss ensures optimal adaptation to market volatility.

Key Features and Benefits

Here are some of the standout features of using the Renko Reversal System:

  • Enhanced trend identification – Renko charts filter out noise and enable accurate trend analysis
  • Early reversal signals – System looks to enter early before a new trend emerges
  • Defined risk management – Stop loss and take profit levels are set based on ATR
  • Flexibility – Users can optimize inputs and fine-tune as per their trading style
  • Ease of use – Simple yet effective rules for generating trading signals

For traders struggling with whipsaws and fakeouts on normal candlestick charts, this system can help identify reversals with higher precision.

Performance Results from Backtesting and Live Trading

Extensive backtests in different market conditions reveal that the Renko Reversal System can produce impressive returns while keeping drawdowns reasonable:

Backtest on EURUSD (2015-2023):

  • Total net profit: $34,630
  • Return on investment: 640%
  • Maximum drawdown: 18.2%

Live trading results (Feb 2022 – Dec 2022):

  • Total net profit: $19,450
  • Return on investment: 92%
  • Maximum drawdown: 15.3%

These statistics indicate decent profitability along with consistency in live trading. Users have also reported over 80% strike rate in identifying valid reversal signals across various currency pairs.

Pros and Cons of Using the Renko Reversal System


  • Dependable reversal signals
  • Defined risk management strategy
  • Simplified trend analysis
  • Flexibility to optimize parameters
  • High strike rate in picking reversals


  • Repainting issues on lower timeframes
  • Requires fine tuning of inputs
  • Potential whipsaws if used standalone

While this system has produced consistent results historically, past performance does not guarantee future outcomes.

Final Thoughts – A Unique Approach for Trading Reversals

The Renko Reversal System is an innovative trading tool that provides a unique edge in identifying trend reversals early on. By combining Renko bricks with specific reversal patterns, it aims to enter at the start of new trends.

Extensive backtesting reveals positive results across different currency pairs and timeframes. It works best when fine-tuned to suit individual trading styles. While no trading system can be perfect, this indicator demonstrates promising performance in live market conditions.

For traders struggling with late entries and fake reversal signals, the Renko Reversal System presents an interesting approach worth exploring. With the right optimizations, it can become a valuable addition to your overall trading strategy.

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