Understanding the Cycle Sniper Indicator

The Cycle Sniper is a technical indicator for the MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platforms that aims to identify potential market reversals and breakouts. According to the developer, it focuses on analyzing what may happen in the future rather than what has already occurred in the past.

Cycle Sniper Indicator

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Overview of the Cycle Sniper Indicator

The Cycle Sniper indicator is based on principles of cycle theory, which states that markets tend to move in repetitive cyclical patterns between bullish and bearish phases. It tries to detect when a cycle is completing and a potential trend reversal or breakout may occur.

Specifically, the Cycle Sniper analyzes the market using the following:

  • Fibonacci retracements and extensions
  • Harmonic wave patterns
  • Fibonacci Gann levels
  • Murrey Math calculations
  • Price deviations and reversals
  • Breakout signals

It aims to identify extreme reversal points and breakouts early, providing trading signals to capitalize on the anticipated moves.

The indicator has three main modes of operation:

  1. Extreme Reversal Signals: Identifies potential trend reversals at extremes
  2. Late Reversal Entry: Provides signals to join trend reversals after initial turn
  3. Breakout Signals: Detects breakouts from key levels

Key Features and Settings

Some of the main features and customization settings of the Cycle Sniper indicator include:

  • Applicable to all timeframes and instruments: Can be used on any timeframe (e.g. 1-minute, 4-hour, daily) and all types of financial instruments like currencies, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Alerts and push notifications: Allows configuring pop-up, email, and push notification alerts when signals are triggered.
  • Customizable parameters: Key settings like the signal period, moving average periods, Bollinger Bands deviations, etc. can be adjusted as per personal preferences.
  • RSI and MFI filters: Adding RSI and Money Flow Index filters can help improve signal accuracy and reduce false signals.
  • Deviation filter: Checking for price deviations across timeframes helps avoid false breakouts and improve reliability.

Trading the Cycle Sniper Indicator

The developer recommends using the Cycle Sniper indicator along with their complementary indicators as a complete trading system, rather than just relying on it standalone.

Some ways the indicator can be traded are:

  • Trade signals directly: Enter and exit trades based on extreme reversal and breakout signals.
  • Combine with other strategies: Use signals to confirm harmonic patterns, support/resistance levels, Murrey Math lines etc.
  • Determine entry & targets: Use indicator markings to place stop losses, take profits and trail stops.
  • Scalping: Apply on shorter timeframes along with additional filters for scalping.

Analyzing price cycles across multiple timeframes improves accuracy further when trading the indicator. The developer provides additional custom indicators and optimal settings to use with the Cycle Sniper as part of the trading package.

Performance and Reviews

According to various user reviews and demo accounts statements, the Cycle Sniper indicator can produce a high accuracy of around 90-95% when traded properly as a complete system. Users mention making steady profits with minimal drawdowns.

However, results vary widely based on factors like trading style, risk management, and market conditions. The developer clearly states that it is not a “holy grail” and does require effort from the trader’s side as well for profitable results.

Overall, traders comment positively on the logic and performance of the indicator, especially with the additional free tools, support, and education provided with it. The availability of videos explaining techniques to trade the indicator is also considered very useful by buyers.

Pricing and Purchase Options

At the time of writing, the Cycle Sniper indicator is priced at $139 for a single license that works on one MetaTrader account only.

The buyer gets lifetime access, updates, support, and the complementary indicators included for this price. There are also options to get 1-month or 1-year access at lower price points for trying it out initially.

An unlimited license for using Cycle Sniper on unlimited accounts is available for $349. Volume discounts are also offered when purchasing multiple copies.

The indicator can be purchased securely on the MetaTrader Marketplace website after watching the explanation videos referenced on the product page. Payment options include credit cards, WebMoney, Neteller, Skrill etc.


The Cycle Sniper is an innovative indicator that tries to detect imminent trend reversals and breakouts in financial markets. It uses a combination of price action, cycle analysis, and harmonic techniques to identify high-probability trading opportunities early.

User feedback indicates good performance is achievable when following the trading methodology outlined by its developer. Using the additional free tools and ongoing support also helps buyers achieve consistently profitable results.

Given its logic and features, the Cycle Sniper can be a valuable addition for traders looking to capitalize on cyclical swings across any market or timeframe.

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