Infinity Apro Indicator – A Detailed Review

The Infinity Apro Indicator is a technical analysis tool designed for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform. It aims to help traders identify potential support and resistance levels as well as trend changes. In this detailed review, we will examine how the indicator works, its main features, pros and cons, and whether it is worth the investment for traders.

Infinity Apro Indicator

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Overview of the Infinity Apro Indicator

The Infinity Apro Indicator displays potential support and resistance levels on the chart based on recent price action. It uses an algorithm that looks for “double reversals” in the price – two successive swing highs or swing lows – to determine these key levels.

The indicator also identifies trend changes by looking for breaks of support or resistance. For example, if the price breaks below a support level during a downtrend, the indicator will register this as a change to an uptrend.

Some key features of the Infinity Apro Indicator include:

The indicator aims to provide high-probability trade setups by combining support/resistance and trend analysis. It is marketed mainly towards swing traders given its emphasis on identifying reversals.

Now let’s take a more in-depth look at how the indicator works.

How the Infinity Apro Indicator Identifies Levels and Signals

The core algorithm of the Infinity Apro Indicator is based on finding “double reversals” in the price action. Specifically, it looks for two successive swing highs or swing lows to determine support and resistance zones.

For example, if the price makes a swing low, retraces higher, then makes another swing low at around the same level, the indicator will plot this area as support. The logic is that if the price reverses twice at the same level, it is likely to act as support or resistance in the future.

In uptrends, the indicator plots light blue support lines connecting these swing lows. In downtrends, green resistance lines are drawn connecting swing highs.

The indicator also uses traditional technical analysis concepts to identify trend changes. If the price breaks above resistance lines in a downtrend, it signals a change to an uptrend (and vice versa for upside breaks of support in uptrends).

When the indicator detects a trend change, it will display a colored arrow as a trade signal:

  • Light blue arrow – Buy signal when upside resistance break occurs
  • Orange arrow – Sell signal when downside support break occurs

The arrows act as alerts to pay attention for a potential trading opportunity in the direction of the new trend.

Main Pros of the Infinity Apro Indicator

Now that we understand the basic workings behind the Infinity Apro Indicator, let’s examine some of its major pros:

Automatic detection of support and resistance – Manually identifying key support/resistance levels can be tedious and subjective. This indicator automates the process, saving traders time while providing objectively-determined levels.

Trend change identification – Using both support/resistance breaks and swing high/low analysis allows the indicator to catch trend reversals early. This helps traders avoid trying to pick tops and bottoms.

Easy to use – Once installed, the indicator requires very little setup or configuration. Traders simply watch for the colored arrows and trade signals. This makes it appealing to beginners.

Flexible application – The indicator can be used on any currency pair and timeframe. Short-term scalpers to long-term swing traders may all find it useful for confirming trade ideas.

Affordable pricing – Considering its functionality, the Infinity Apro Indicator is competitively priced between $50-100 on various forex websites. This makes it accessible to traders on modest budgets.

Potential Cons to Consider

While the Infinity Apro Indicator has some notable strengths, there are also some limitations to keep in mind:

Can generate false signals – Like all indicators, the signals can be incorrect at times. Factors like sudden news events can create volatile price spikes that trigger misleading trend change arrows.

Requires confirmation – On its own, the indicator arrows should not be blindly traded. For best results, traders are advised to wait for confirmation from price action or other indicators.

Levels may not hold – Even though the indicator objectively identifies support/resistance levels, the market price could still break through them. Stop losses are essential when trading these breakouts.

Repainting possible – Some customer reviews claim the indicator repaints historical levels on older data. This reduces reliability when doing backtesting.

Only for MT4 – The Infinity Apro Indicator is only available for MetaTrader 4. Traders using other platforms are unable to utilize it.

So while the indicator has merit, traders should combine it with sound analysis and risk management rather than relying on it completely.

Conclusion – A Worthwhile Tool for Trend Traders

In summary, the Infinity Apro Indicator provides an easy-to-use solution for objectively identifying support, resistance, and trend changes in the charts. Its straightforward signals make it appealing to novice traders, while the customization options grant flexibility for various trading styles.

For around $50-100, the indicator is affordably priced given its utility. While the signals should not be blindly followed, used prudently in combination with other analysis, the Infinity Apro Indicator can be a valuable addition for trend traders.

Just be mindful of its limitations – no indicator is perfect. By managing risk with stops and confirming signals, the Infinity Apro Indicator can assist traders in better timing entries and exits based on emerging trends.

So rather than a “magic bullet”, view the Infinity Apro as a tool providing more objectivity. If used properly within the context of an edge-based trading plan, it can indeed help boost consistency.

Overall the Infinity Apro Indicator earns an above-average rating and recommendation. For short-to-medium-term trend traders on a budget, it delivers ample quality for the affordable pricing.

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