Uncovering Hidden Gems with Pattern Finder Pro

The foreign exchange (forex) market can seem chaotic and unpredictable to novice traders. With multiple currency pairs fluctuating every second, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However, skilled traders know that order can be found within the chaos through technical analysis. One of the most powerful technical analysis tools is pattern recognition. When you can accurately identify repeating price patterns, you gain an edge in predicting future market movements. This is where Pattern Finder Pro Indicator comes in.

Pattern Finder Pro Indicator

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What is Pattern Finder Pro?

Pattern Finder Pro is a custom forex indicator that automatically detects over 40 classic candlestick patterns in real-time. It was created by a team of professional traders and computer programmers seeking to simplify pattern trading.

The indicator scans price action across any instrument and timeframe, instantly highlighting completed patterns with a colored box and label. You can customize it to show only the bullish or bearish patterns you’re interested in trading. As soon as a high-probability pattern is identified, Pattern Finder Pro generates pop-up, email, or push notifications so you never miss an opportunity.

Why Pattern Trading is So Effective

Unlike chaotic price action, patterns reveal order through repetitive formations that reflect market psychology. Specific candlestick patterns have been refined over decades to identify shifts in supply and demand with a high degree of accuracy.

For example, the bullish engulfing pattern signals increasing buying pressure. The bearish hanging man suggests selling momentum and a potential reversal. When you recognize these patterns forming in real-time, you gain an informational advantage over the majority of traders fixated on generic indicators.

Combining pattern trading with other analysis techniques can greatly improve your market timing and entry precision. This leads to better risk/reward ratios.

Pattern Finder Pro Indicator Key Features and Benefits

Here are some of the standout features that make Pattern Finder Pro invaluable to forex traders:

1. Scans All Markets and Timeframes

Manually scanning every chart for patterns is an impossible task. Pattern Finder Pro does the heavy lifting for you by continuously monitoring price action across all instruments and timeframes. Whether you trade currency pairs, stocks, commodities, or cryptocurrencies, it has you covered.

2. Backtesting for Reliability

The Pattern Finder Pro team rigorously backtested their pattern recognition engine to ensure accuracy across thousands of trades. They only include candlestick patterns with a statistically significant performance record over multiple market conditions.

3. Customizable Pattern Library

While some traders attempt to trade every pattern under the sun, this creates information overload and confusion. With Pattern Finder Pro, you can select specific bullish and bearish patterns to track based on your strategy. Less noise means more precision.

4. Real-Time Alerts

Timing is everything when trading price patterns. Thanks to customizable pop-up, email, and push notifications, Pattern Finder Pro enables you to act swiftly when opportunities arise. No more manually checking charts!

5. Simple Trading Rules Included

Pattern Finder Pro takes the guesswork out of turning pattern recognition into profit by providing basic trading rules for each formation. Just follow the signals and manage risk appropriately.

6. Works Across All Assets

Whether your preference is currency pairs, stocks, commodities, or crypto, Pattern Finder Pro functions seamlessly across every market. All you need is a MetaTrader 4 or 5 brokerage account to start trading patterns.

Using Pattern Finder Pro

Installing and configuring Pattern Finder Pro takes just minutes. Simply download it in the MetaTrader Marketplace or on the vendor’s website if you have a NinjaTrader account.

Next, attach Pattern Finder Pro to the chart of your choice and select your desired patterns from the Indicator Settings. Make sure to enable real-time alerts so you don’t miss any signals. Consider attaching the indicator to an empty chart window to scan all instruments simultaneously.

Once installed, Pattern Finder Pro requires no further input from you. It automatically scans price action and displays completed patterns with a box, label, and directional arrow. The pop-up and email alerts eliminate having to manually check every chart.

Use the basic trading rules printed on each signal as a guide for setting stop losses and profit targets. With a bit of practice, you’ll learn how to incorporate Pattern Finder Pro signals into your existing system for improved timing and precision.

Pros and Cons

Before deciding if Pattern Finder Pro is right for your trading style, consider the following advantages and drawbacks:


  • Saves hours of manual chart time scanning for patterns
  • Rigorously backtested for accuracy
  • Customizable pattern library reduces overload
  • Works across every market and timeframe
  • Real-time pop-up/email/push alerts
  • Detailed trading rules for each pattern
  • Easy installation and configuration


  • Requires MetaTrader 4 or 5 account
  • Internet connection needed for alerts
  • No guarantee every signal is profitable
  • No automation features
  • Additional trading rules still required

While no system is perfect, Pattern Finder Pro excels at pattern discovery and notifications. The main limitation is the lack of trade automation features. It provides high-probability signals, but you must still manually enter and manage each trade.

What Users Are Saying

With hundreds of satisfied customers, Pattern Finder Pro is one of the top-rated pattern tools for MetaTrader. Here are just a few recent user reviews:

Steven W.

“I tested the trial version and was very impressed. I’m already catching way more patterns across more currency pairs and timeframes. The real-time alerts are a gamechanger! No more endlessly checking charts.”

Lewis T.

“As a price action trader for over a decade, I can’t believe I didn’t find this tool sooner! It’s already improved my timing and precision. Being able to scan all pairs and timeframes would take me weeks manually.”

Angela R.

“The Pattern Finder Pro manual that comes with the software provides awesome tips for trading each formation. I’m still mastering using the alerts for quick entries. So far, it’s the best $97 I’ve spent!”

With feedback overwhelmingly positive, Pattern Finder Pro is a go-to tool for traders focused on technical analysis and candlestick patterns. The combination of reliability, customization, and real-time alerts makes it invaluable.

Pattern Finder Pro Indicator Conclusion

If you feel like you’re swimming upstream trying to manually identify quality candlestick patterns across different currency pairs and timeframes, Pattern Finder Pro is your lifeline. This clever indicator puts an end to fruitless chart staring by alerting you to textbook pattern formations in real-time.

Whether you’re scalping short-term or swing trading the daily time frame, integrating Pattern Finder Pro’s high-probability signals into your system can elevate your trading to a whole new level. Just make sure to combine its alerts with sound risk and money management for long-term profitability.

The bottom line is that Pattern Finder Pro makes pattern trading easier and more efficient for any level of trader. Take advantage of the free trial today to see the difference it can make in your technical analysis process!

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