Forex Power Dynamite Areas Indicator: A Detailed Review

The Forex Power Dynamite Areas Indicator is a popular trading tool used by forex traders to identify potential support and resistance levels in the market. This indicator aims to highlight “power zones” where the price is likely to reverse or see significant buying or selling pressure. In this comprehensive 3000 word review, we will take an in-depth look at how the Forex Power Dynamite Areas Indicator works, its key features, pros and cons, and assess its overall usefulness for forex trading.

Forex Power Dynamite Areas Indicator

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How the Forex Power Dynamite Areas Indicator Works

The Forex Power Dynamite Areas Indicator is based on the concept that not all price levels in the market are equal. There are certain “power zones” or price areas where the market is likely to see increased volatility and potential reversals. The indicator uses an algorithm to scan the price action and identify these high probability zones.

It does this by looking at various factors like support and resistance levels, moving averages, Fibonacci retracements, pivot points and order flow. The indicator plots horizontal lines to highlight the key zones where price could react strongly. These are denoted in different colors – blue for support and red for resistance.

The indicator also has a strength parameter that allows traders to filter the zones by significance. A higher strength value will highlight fewer but more important levels, while a lower strength setting will reveal more areas but with less reliability. This allows traders to customize the indicator based on their strategy and market conditions.

Key Features of the Forex Power Dynamite Areas Indicator

Here are some of the main features that the Forex Power Dynamite Areas Indicator offers:

  • Automatic detection of support and resistance zones – The MetaTrader 4 indicator does the hard work of scanning the price action to identify potential power areas without the need for manual drawing.
  • Multi-timeframe analysis – The indicator can be set to scan for levels across multiple timeframes from 1 minute all the way to monthly. This allows traders to see zones that are significant over different time horizons.
  • Strength filter – As mentioned earlier, the strength parameter allows traders to filter the plotted levels by importance and eliminate noise.
  • Customizable settings – Users can tweak settings like the number of levels displayed, the distance between levels, as well as colors and style of the plotted lines.
  • Easy to interpret – The indicator clearly plots support and resistance zones in contrasting colors. Traders can quickly identify key areas to watch for potential entries or exits.
  • Works across forex pairs and assets – The indicator can be used to analyze power zones on any forex pair, commodity, index or other tradable asset available in the Metatrader platform.

Using the Forex Power Dynamite Areas Indicator in a Trading Strategy

The Forex Power Dynamite Areas Indicator is primarily used to identify high probability price zones where a reversal or breakout is likely to occur. Here are some ways it can be incorporated into a trading plan:

  • Trade zone extremes – Enter long trades at support zones and short trades at resistance areas in the direction of the overall trend. The indicator helps time entries near previously significant levels.
  • Confirmation for breakouts – Use the plotted power areas as confirmation when price breaks above resistance or below support. This helps avoid false breakouts.
  • Anticipate reversals – Price reversing near a highlighted zone indicates a potential change in sentiment and trend. Traders can watch for reversals near these areas.
  • Determine stop loss/targets – Place stop losses above key support areas and take profit targets near significant resistance zones revealed by the indicator.
  • Gauge market strength – Frequent breaks of power areas in one direction indicate market strength in that direction. This helps traders assess momentum.

The Forex Power Dynamite Areas Indicator is best combined with other analysis like price action, candlestick patterns and momentum oscillators to improve accuracy.

Pros and Cons of the Forex Power Dynamite Areas Indicator


  • Provides automated detection of significant support and resistance zones across timeframes and assets.
  • Customizable settings allow flexibility in tuning the indicator to suit any trading style or strategy.
  • Easy to interpret plotted levels and colors help quickly identify key areas of interest on the chart.
  • Can be used across all Metatrader supported markets including forex, commodities, indices and more.
  • Saves time by eliminating manual drawing of levels.


  • Too many plotted levels can sometimes clutter the chart and cause confusion.
  • Not a standalone system – the indicator should be combined with other analysis for best results.
  • There can be some repainting where levels change as new price data emerges.
  • Requires some parameter optimization to identify the best settings for each market traded.
  • Does not indicate the strength of the actual support or resistance, only the probability of a zone.

Bottom Line

The Forex Power Dynamite Areas Indicator is a useful charting tool for traders who rely on technical analysis in their trading. By automatically plotting potential support and resistance zones on the chart, it can assist traders in identifying significant areas where the price could reverse or see volatile breakouts.

However, traders should keep in mind the limitations of any indicator based trading approach. The Indicator is best used in combination with other confluence factors to improve accuracy. Some repainting is also to be expected with zone indicators.

Overall, the Forex Power Dynamite Areas Indicator can be a valuable addition to a trader’s analysis toolbox provided it is applied prudently with proper risk management. It takes some optimization and practice to find settings that reveal meaningful levels consistently across different market conditions. Used wisely, the indicator can aid traders in better timing entries, exits and anticipating potential turning points in the price action.

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