Forex VSA Text Custom Indicator: A Detailed Review

The Forex VSA Text Custom indicator is a powerful trading tool that utilizes the principles of Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) to help traders identify high-probability setups and make informed trading decisions. This comprehensive indicator review will cover the key features, benefits, and potential drawbacks of using the VSA Text Custom indicator for forex trading.

Forex VSA Text Custom Indicator

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What is the VSA Text Custom Indicator?

The VSA Text Custom indicator is a custom Metatrader 4 (MT4) indicator that incorporates Volume Spread Analysis to detect supply and demand imbalances in the forex market. It analyzes price action and volumes to identify potential market reversals and continuation patterns.

Some key features of the indicator include:

  • Automatic identification of VSA candle patterns like stopping volume, no demand, no supply, upthrusts and reverse upthrusts.
  • The identified patterns are labeled directly on the chart with descriptive text for easy interpretation.
  • The visual text-based alerts act as trade signals and allow traders to anticipate potential reversals.
  • Input parameters allow customization of the indicator’s sensitivity.

Overall, the indicator utilizes VSA principles to read the market context and spot high probability trading opportunities. The custom text alerts enhance standard volume indicators with actionable trade signals.

How Does the VSA Text Custom Indicator Work?

The VSA Text Custom indicator works by first analyzing the price action to identify candlestick patterns based on the open, high, low and close. It then compares the volume of the current candle to previous candles and the average volume.

Based on this volume analysis, it assigns text labels that describe the characteristics of that candle. For example:

  • Stopping Volume: High volume reversal candle, signals potential trend change
  • No Demand: Low volume pullback in uptrend, indecisive candle
  • Effort to Move Up: Increased volume but sluggish price rise, signaling weak uptrend
  • Reverse Upthrust: High volume but failure to rise, signals potential trend reversal

These labeled candles then act as trade signals. For example, a “No Demand” candle in an uptrend presents a low risk buy opportunity. A “Stopping Volume” candle suggests closing long trades and preparing to sell.

Traders can customize the sensitivity of the analysis by adjusting the input parameters like the volume and spread periods used in the calculations.

Benefits of Using the VSA Text Custom Indicator

Here are some of the key benefits of using the VSA Text Custom indicator:

  • Trade with the smart money: VSA allows you to identify the behavior of professional traders and institutions and trade in alignment with them.
  • Avoid bad trades: The indicator identifies weak price action to prevent you from buying into exhausted moves or selling into strong trends.
  • Confirmation for other strategies: Provides additional confluence alongside other technical or price action strategies.
  • Customizable: Input parameters allow optimizing the indicator’s sensitivity for different forex pairs and timeframes.
  • Visually intuitive: The text labels clearly identify high probability trading opportunities on the chart.
  • Anticipate reversals: Gives early warning of potential trend changes through text alerts.
  • Works across timeframes: Can be used for day trading, swing trading or longer-term position trading.

Overall, the VSA Text Custom indicator gives a valuable edge to forex traders by revealing the intentions of larger players in the market.

Potential Drawbacks of the Indicator

While the VSA Text indicator can be very useful, traders should be aware of some potential limitations:

  • Repainting: The text labels are sometimes prone to repainting which reduces reliability.
  • False signals: No indicator is perfect, so false signals can occur during periods of erratic price action.
  • Volume limitations in forex: Volume data may not always be fully accurate, especially on shorter timeframes.
  • Subjective interpretation: VSA principles require practice and experience to apply effectively.
  • Lagging: Like all indicators, there is some lag as it analyzes previous price data.

To mitigate these issues, traders should combine VSA with other confluence tools and maintain robust risk management rules. The indicators work best when used patiently during established trends.

Using the VSA Text Custom Indicator in a Trading Strategy

Here are some tips for effectively incorporating the VSA Text Custom indicator into a trading strategy:

  • Use on higher timeframes (4H, daily, weekly) for reliable signals. Lower timeframes tend to have more noise.
  • Combine with support/resistance, moving averages, RSI for confirmation of signal validity.
  • Focus on high probability setups – “No Demand” pullbacks in trends, “Stopping Volume” reversals.
  • Be patient for your setup. Don’t force trades when no clear signals present.
  • Use protective stop losses of 20-30 pips or based on recent swing points.
  • Trail stops to lock in profits as the trade moves in your favor.
  • Stick to your trading plan for entry, exit and risk management. Don’t over-leverage.

With the right trading approach, the VSA Text Custom indicator can significantly boost your forex trading strategy by revealing the market’s underlying supply and demand dynamics.


The VSA Text Custom indicator is a valuable addition for forex traders looking to gain an edge in reading market sentiment and identifying high probability trade setups. By combining price action with volume analysis, it helps spot trend continuations and reversals ahead of time.

However, traders should be aware of its limitations, use proper confirmation tools, and maintain sound risk management for long-term success. Used correctly, the VSA Text Custom indicator provides unique and actionable trading signals that can improve your forex trading results.

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