Owl Smart Levels Indicator: A Game Changer for Forex Traders

The Owl Smart Levels indicator has taken the Forex trading world by storm, with its innovative features and simplicity of use appealing to novice and expert traders alike. This comprehensive trading tool packs multiple analysis functionalities into one user-friendly indicator, aiming to make trading less complicated.

Owl smart levels indicator

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An All-In-One Trading Solution

Created by developer Sergey Ermolov, the Owl Smart Levels indicator combines three popular trading analysis tools:

  • Bill Williams’ advanced fractals to identify potential reversal points and trend direction
  • Valuable ZigZag to analyze market wave structures
  • Customizable Fibonacci levels to mark entry and profit-taking points

By consolidating these functionalities into one indicator, Owl Smart Levels provides an all-in-one trading solution on the chart. The developer emphasizes the power of simplicity, making this tool accessible even for beginner traders.

Key Features and Benefits

The Owl Smart Levels indicator offers several notable features and benefits:

Clear Signals and Entry Points

The indicator provides clear visual signals on the chart showing potential entry points, stop loss levels, and take profit targets. This simplifies the execution process for manual traders.

Identifies Trend Direction

Through the integrated ZigZag waves and fractals, Owl Smart Levels can identify the prevailing trend direction on multiple timeframes. This allows traders to trade in alignment with higher timeframe trends.

Customizable Settings

Traders can customize settings like the number of candles for fractal calculation, Fibonacci entry and take profit levels, and other parameters to suit their preferences.

User-Friendly Interface

With its visual signals and customization options, using Owl Smart Levels is straightforward even for those new to trading. Its intuitive interface requires no complex analysis.

Real-Time Notifications

The indicator sends pop-up or email notifications whenever a new trading signal appears. This allows prompt action for manual traders.

Bonuses and Support

Purchasers gain access to an exclusive user chatroom and bonuses like the Owl Helper trading assistant advisor.

A Solid Trading Strategy

The Owl Smart Levels indicator utilizes a rule-based trading strategy focusing on trend direction, key support/resistance levels, and Fibonacci entry points.

The ZigZag waves and fractals identify the prevailing trend on higher timeframes like the daily or 4-hour charts. Owl Smart Levels provides signals to trade in alignment with that higher timeframe trend.

Trade at Key Levels

The indicator plots Fibonacci levels and marks exact entry and take profit points based on recent price action and support/resistance. It aims to provide trades at optimal levels.

Define Risk Parameters

The tool clearly defines stop loss and take profit levels for each signal, allowing traders to set appropriate risk parameters.

This strategic approach allows even novice traders to implement an edge in the markets.

Benefits for All Trader Levels

While specially designed for simplicity, Owl Smart Levels appeals to all trader levels:


The straightforward signals and rules make this an ideal starting point for novice traders. No coding skills or complex analysis required.

Experienced Traders

The indicator provides an extra edge for discretionary traders through its aggregation of multiple tools into one convenient interface.

Expert Analysts

For advanced analysts, Owl Smart Levels delivers an efficient platform to execute their strategic trading decisions, complementing existing analysis workflows.

An Affordable Game Changer

Available for the MT4 and MT5 platforms, Owl Smart Levels offers tremendous value and convenience at an affordable price point. With hundreds of positive user reviews, it’s clear this indicator is changing the game for traders worldwide.

The developer continues enhancing the tool, recently adding features like the Owl Helper advisor and an exclusive user chat room. For traders seeking an all-in-one simplified trading solution, Owl Smart Levels hits the mark.

Owl smart levels indicator Conclusion

With its versatility across trader levels and simplified consolidation of multiple analysis tools, the Owl Smart Levels indicator aims to make trading less daunting. This game-changing tool continues garnering positive attention in the trading community, cementing its place as a top contender among custom indicators. Its future certainly looks bright.

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