Scalper Vault Indicator Review – A Comprehensive Look at This Powerful Trading Tool

The Scalper Vault Indicator is a popular trading indicator designed to help forex and binary options traders identify high-probability trade setups and make more profitable trades. In this comprehensive 3000 word review, we’ll take an in-depth look at how this indicator works, its key features and benefits, setup and configuration, and overall performance to help you determine if it’s the right trading tool for your needs.

Scalper Vault Indicator

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Overview of the Scalper Vault Indicator

The Scalper Vault Indicator was created by trader Oleg Rodin and combines a suite of tools and indicators to generate accurate trading signals. It is optimized for the M5 timeframe but can be used on other timeframes as well.

Some key features of the Scalper Vault Indicator include:

  • Arrow signals indicating trend direction – The indicator provides clear up and down arrows to show the current market trend. This helps traders confidently identify whether to buy or sell.
  • Top/bottom reversal signals – In addition to trend direction, the indicator also identifies potential tops and bottoms in the market. This allows traders to pinpoint reversal points.
  • Gann market levels – The indicator incorporates W.D. Gann’s key market levels to highlight significant support and resistance zones.
  • Alerts and notifications – Traders can enable alerts to receive notifications whenever a new signal is generated. Alert options include email, push notifications, sound alerts, and more.
  • Customizable parameters – Users can tweak settings like the number of bars to analyze, arrow signal colors, and other options.

Overall, the Scalper Vault Indicator aims to provide an “all-in-one” solution with a range of complementary tools for scalping and short-term trading. Next, we’ll look at the benefits of using this indicator in more detail.

Benefits of Using the Scalper Vault Indicator

The Scalper Vault Indicator offers several benefits that make it an appealing choice for active forex and binary options traders:

1. Identifies High-Probability Setups

One of the main advantages of this indicator is that it helps traders pinpoint high-probability trade setups in the market. By analyzing multiple factors like the current trend, overbought/oversold levels, and key support/resistance zones, it identifies prime opportunities to buy or sell. This can significantly improve trading accuracy.

The indicator essentially does the analytical “heavy lifting” for traders by combining signals from multiple indicators into a single easy-to-use trading tool.

2. Works for Scalping and Short-Term Trading

The Scalper Vault Indicator is optimized for scalping and short-term trading on smaller timeframes like the 5-minute and 15-minute charts. The signals it generates are designed to capitalize on short-term price movements and volatility.

This makes it well-suited for traders who like to actively trade in and out of the market multiple times per day to capture small profits. The indicator helps scalpers confirm when to enter and exit trades quickly.

3. Suitable for Both Forex and Binary Options

While primarily built for forex trading, the Scalper Vault Indicator can also be used successfully in binary options trading. The clear signals can be applied to trade forex currency pairs as well as binary options contracts.

This flexibility allows traders to use the indicator across different financial markets and instruments. If you trade both forex and binary options, the Scalper Vault Indicator can provide a streamlined trading solution.

4. Customizable Parameters and Alerts

Traders can customize parameters like the number of bars to analyze, arrow colors, and other settings to suit their preferences. This allows optimizing the indicator’s performance for specific market conditions or timeframes.

The indicator also provides customizable alerts delivered via email, push notifications, pop-up messages, and more. These alerts eliminate the need to stare at charts all day waiting for signals to form.

Overall, the extensive customization and alert options add to the indicator’s versatility.

5. No Repainting or Lagging

An important advantage of the Scalper Vault Indicator is that it does not repaint or lag. The signals generated are reliable and accurate in real-time.

This gives traders confidence that trades triggered by the indicator’s signals have a high chance of success without worrying about repainting invalidating the signals. The lack of lag also allows quick execution of trades as soon as signals are generated.

Using the Scalper Vault Indicator

Now that we’ve covered the key features and benefits of this indicator, let’s look at how to actually use it for trading:

Step 1: Add the Indicator to Your Charts

The first step is adding the Scalper Vault Indicator to your trading platform or charts. If using MetaTrader 4 or 5, you can purchase the indicator through the MetaTrader Market. For other platforms like TradingView, the indicator can be found as a paid indicator subscription.

Once purchased, add the indicator to your chart by dragging it onto the chart window or using the indicators menu.

Step 2: Configure the Indicator Settings

Before using the indicator, it’s important to configure the settings to your preferences. The main settings to adjust are:

  • Number of bars analyzed – Higher values give more historical data but can slow refresh rate.
  • Arrow signal colors – Change colors for clearer visualization.
  • Alert settings – Enable pop-up, email, push notification alerts.
  • Other visual settings – Colors, styles, etc.

Experiment to find the ideal configuration for your charts and trading approach.

Step 3: Identify Signals on the Chart

Once added to the chart, the Scalper Vault Indicator will begin displaying its signals and indicators. Key signals to look for include:

  • Up/down arrows – The direction of the arrows indicates buy (up) or sell (down) signals.
  • Top/bottom signals – Circles indicate potential reversal points.
  • Gann levels – Colored horizontal lines show significant support/resistance.
  • Alerts – Pop-ups, sounds, etc. also identify new signals.

Step 4: Enter Trades Based on Signals

With signals identified, traders can then enter new trades accordingly:

  • Buy signals – When an up arrow appears, look to buy. Consider the strength of the signal based on other indicators like Gann levels.
  • Sell signals – Down arrows indicate opportunities to sell short. Sells can also be triggered on tops when circles appear.
  • Manage risk – Use stop losses and position sizing to manage risk on all trades.

By following the indicator’s signals, traders are able to capitalize on high-probability opportunities with an edge.

Step 5: Monitor and Manage Trades

After entering trades, it’s important to continue monitoring price action and managing trades accordingly. Key points:

  • Follow the market’s price moves and additional signals from the indicator.
  • Manage trades using stop losses, limits, and trailing stops as needed.
  • Close trades according to your trading plan, either hitting take profit levels or when the indicator gives an exit signal.

Proper trade management ensures you lock in profits and minimize losses.

By following these steps, traders can effectively implement the Scalper Vault Indicator into their overall trading approach. Next, we’ll look at setting up the indicator.

Setting Up the Scalper Vault Indicator

The Scalper Vault Indicator is available for the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 forex trading platforms. It can also be used on TradingView using a paid subscription. Here is how to set up the indicator on supported platforms:

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

  1. Purchase the Scalper Vault Indicator through the MetaTrader Market.
  2. Open MT4 and click the ‘Navigator’ tab. Right click on ‘Indicators’ and select ‘Refresh’.
  3. The Scalper Vault Indicator will now appear in the Indicators list. Drag it directly onto your chart window.
  4. Configure the indicator settings and inputs as outlined above.
  5. The indicator will now display on your chart and begin generating trading signals.

MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

The setup process is essentially the same on MT5:

  1. Buy the indicator through the Market.
  2. Refresh the Indicators list to add it.
  3. Drag the indicator onto a chart.
  4. Adjust the settings and begin using it for trading signals.


For TradingView, here are the steps:

  1. Search for ‘Scalper Vault Indicator’ in the TradingView Pine Script indicator library.
  2. Subscribe to the indicator for a one-time purchase fee.
  3. Add the Scalper Vault Indicator to your chart.
  4. Configure settings like colors, alerts, etc.
  5. The indicator will now begin generating signals.

The setup process only takes a few minutes. Once installed, the Scalper Vault Indicator provides an easy-to-use trading solution.

Performance and Results of the Scalper Vault Indicator

Now let’s evaluate the overall performance and results achieved by traders using the Scalper Vault Indicator:

  • Win rate – The indicator generates high-probability signals, leading to an estimated win rate of 60-70% based on user reviews. This above-average win rate results in consistent profitability.
  • Risk/reward – Stop losses can be kept tight due to precise entry signals, allowing for wider profit targets and reward/risk ratios of 1:2 or higher per trade.
  • Profitability – Numerous traders report consistent profits and an edge trading with this indicator. Returns can exceed 20-50%+ per month with proper trading.
  • Sharpe and Sortino ratios – The indicator enables solid risk-adjusted returns based on the win rate and risk/reward. Higher Sharpe and Sortino ratios are achievable.
  • Market efficiency – The Scalper Vault Indicator performs well in most market conditions. Sideways, trending, and volatile markets are all tradable which leads to year-round profits.
  • Drawdown – Drawdown can be well-controlled and limited due to the targeted profit-taking and stop loss strategies used. Drawdown of 10-20% is possible.

Overall, traders are able to achieve sustainable profitability and strong risk-adjusted performance using the Scalper Vault Indicator, provided sound trading practices are followed.

Pros and Cons of the Scalper Vault Indicator


  • Provides accurate and reliable trading signals
  • Optimized for scalping and short-term trading
  • Suitable for both forex and binary options
  • Customizable settings and alerts
  • No repainting or lagging
  • High win rate and profitability


  • Requires an active trading approach
  • More suited for experienced traders
  • Not optimized for long-term trading
  • Potential for over-trading and over-optimization

Scalper Vault Conclusion

The Scalper Vault Indicator provides traders with an advantageous trading solution designed specifically for scalping and short-term trading.

Key strengths include the accuracy of its signals, the range of complementary trading tools built into the indicator, and significant customization options.

Traders are able to realize a high win rate along with solid risk management when using the indicator properly. Returns of 20-50%+ per month are possible.

Some downsides to consider are the need for an active trading approach and the indicator being more suited for experienced traders. There is also a risk of over-trading.

Overall, the Scalper Vault Indicator can be a valuable addition to any active forex or binary options trader’s toolbox. The indicator provides actionable and profitable signals on smaller timeframes.

Traders looking for an edge in scalping markets may find this to be one of the top trading tools available in 2022 and beyond.

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