Entry Points Pro Indicator: A Powerful Trading Tool

The Entry Points Pro Indicator is a technical analysis indicator designed for the MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platforms. It aims to identify optimal entry points into trades across various financial markets including forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and indices.

Entry Points Pro Indicator

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Overview of the Entry Points Pro Indicator

The Entry Points Pro Indicator provides traders with buy and sell signals that do not repaint. Once a signal appears on the chart, it remains visible and does not disappear like some other indicators notorious for repainting. This allows traders to enter trades with confidence knowing the signal will not vanish.

The indicator uses an advanced algorithm to detect potential trend changes and reversals early. It then helps traders capitalize on these moves by signaling the best time to enter a long or short position.

Some key features of the Entry Points Pro Indicator include:

  • Entry signals without repainting or delays
  • Can be used on any financial asset across multiple markets
  • Provides signals for bullish, bearish, and range-bound markets
  • Includes filters to avoid risky trade signals
  • Customizable settings for fine-tuning signals
  • User-friendly interface easy for beginners
  • Available for both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5

Using the Entry Points Pro Indicator

The Entry Points Pro Indicator can be applied to charts across all timeframes from 1-minute to monthly. However, the developer recommends using higher timeframes of 15-minutes and above to avoid getting faked out by market noise.

Once added to the chart, the indicator plots two lines – a blue line for bullish signals and a red line for bearish signals. The area between the two lines represents consolidation or range-bound price action.

Buy Signal

A buy signal forms when the price breaks above the blue line. This suggests upside momentum is building. The long trade can be entered as soon as the candle closes above the blue line or on the next candle open.

Sell Signal

A sell signal forms when the price breaks below the red line. This signals potential weakness and downside ahead. The short trade can be entered as soon as the candle closes below the red line or the next candle open.

Exit Signal

The indicator does not provide specific exit signals. Traders can use other indicators or chart patterns to identify profit targets and stop loss levels. Generally, exiting when the price crosses back below the blue line for long trades and back above the red line for short trades works well.

Benefits of Using the Entry Points Pro Indicator

The Entry Points Pro Indicator offers several benefits for traders:


The indicator identifies high-probability entry points into trends early leading to a solid risk to reward ratio overall. Signals do not repaint which allows for reliable trade execution.


The indicator can be used across all financial markets including forex, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies making it widely applicable. It also works well across all timeframes.

Risk Management

The indicator has inbuilt filters that help avoid risky trade signals. Traders can enhance risk management further by using appropriate stop losses per their trading plan.

Ease of Use

The indicator is easy to set up and use. The simple interface makes it ideal for beginner traders while also appealing to advanced traders.


Traders can tweak settings like the sensitivity of signals and number of bars to analyze to better suit their trading approach or market conditions.

Using the Entry Points Pro Indicator with Other Tools

While the Entry Points Pro Indicator can be used on its own, combining it with other analysis tools helps validate signals and manage trades better.

Some ways to use the indicator with other tools:

  • Trend Analysis – Use a trend following indicator like Moving Averages to gauge the strength of the underlying trend. Take trades in the direction of the trend only.
  • Momentum Analysis – Add an oscillator like RSI or Stochastics to confirm momentum in favor of the signal before entering a trade.
  • Pattern Analysis – Look for continuation or reversal patterns like triangles, flags, double tops etc. to add confluence to the signals.
  • Support/Resistance – Identify key support and resistance levels to set take profit levels or stop losses.

Using complementary tools improves the odds of success further when using the Entry Points Pro Indicator.

Entry Points Pro Indicator Settings

The Entry Points Pro Indicator has a few customizable settings traders can tweak based on their trading style:

Bars Calculation – Sets the number of bars used to analyze and calculate the signals. Higher number means smoother signals. Default is set to 300 bars.

MA Period – Adjusts the period used to plot the moving average lines. Default is set to 21.

MA Shift – Changes the horizontal shift of the moving average lines relative to the price action. Default is 0.

MA Method – Choose between Simple, Exponential, Smoothed or Linear Weighted moving averages. Default is Exponential.

Risk Management – Enable risk filters to avoid signals against the trend or during volatility. Can reduce total signals but improves accuracy.

Signal Alerts – Turn on pop-up, email or push notifications when a new signal forms. Useful for monitoring multiple charts.

Who Created the Entry Points Pro Indicator?

The Entry Points Pro Indicator was created by Yury Orlov, an experienced forex trader from Spain. He has over 6 years of trading experience specializing in building custom indicators.

The Entry Points Pro Indicator is his most popular offering with over 450 positive reviews from users. It maintains an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on the MetaTrader Market signaling high user satisfaction.

Yury is responsive to customer queries and offers dedicated support and guidance to help traders use the indicator successfully. He also keeps the indicator updated with improvements making it well-maintained.

Purchase and Pricing Details

The Entry Points Pro Indicator is available for purchase directly from the MetaTrader Market.

It is compatible with both the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms. So make sure to get the right version for the platform you use.


  • MetaTrader 4 Version – $125 (One-time fee)
  • MetaTrader 5 Version – $125 (One-time fee)

The purchase includes a lifetime license with free updates plus dedicated email support from the developer. There is no money-back guarantee or free trial offered currently.

Using the Entry Points Pro Indicator Successfully

Here are some tips to use the Entry Points Pro Indicator effectively:

  • Start by testing it thoroughly in a demo account to understand how it works. Experiment with different settings and timeframes.
  • Use higher timeframes like 1-hour, 4-hour or daily to avoid false signals and whipsaws from market noise.
  • Trade in the direction of the prevailing trend only for the best results. Use a trend filtering indicator if required.
  • Combine the entry signals with other confluence tools like oscillators, patterns, support/resistance zones etc. to improve accuracy.
  • Customize the indicator settings like bars calculation and risk management to suit your trading plan and style.
  • Use prudent position sizing and risk management strategy for long-term profitability.

With some practice and customization, the Entry Points Pro Indicator can become an integral part of your overall trading strategy.

Limitations of the Entry Points Pro Indicator

While the Entry Points Pro Indicator has several advantages, traders should also consider a few limitations:

  • As a technical indicator, its signals may underperform or fail during periods of high volatility or market uncertainty. Fundamentals can override technicals.
  • There is an element of subjectivity and interpretation involved when it comes to trading indicator signals. Individual trading psychology can affect outcomes.
  • The indicator does not offer a concrete exit methodology. Traders need to combine it with other tools for trade management.
  • There is a moderate learning curve involved in understanding how to customize the indicator skillfully to suit varying market environments.
  • Lack of longer-term historical trading statistics makes it harder to assess the long-term profitability conclusively.

Keeping these limitations in mind and managing risks prudently can help traders use this indicator profitably as part of their overall trading strategy.

The Verdict?

The Entry Points Pro Indicator can be a valuable addition to a trader’s toolkit in identifying high-probability entries across different financial markets.

It excels in signaling momentum-based trend trades combining elements of indicator and price action analysis. The complex algorithms powering the indicator help detect trend shifts rapidly for early entry.

The lack of repainting increases reliability as trades can be executed decisively once a signal triggers. The widespread application across forex, stocks, commodities etc allows traders to use this tool across different assets.

Easy customization and detailed documentation make this accessible for novice and advanced traders alike. For best results, traders should combine the entry signals with other confluence factors and prudent risk management.

Overall, at a one-time fee of $125, the Entry Points Pro Indicator offers robust value-for-money with versatility across different markets and timeframes. It simplifies the complex process of timing entries while enhancing the technical trading process for consistent profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Entry Points Pro Indicator profitable?

Yes, the Entry Points Pro Indicator can be profitable if used correctly as part of an edge-based trading strategy. Traders claim consistent profits using the indicator signals with risk management. Extensive backtesting is required to assess potential long-term profitability.

Does Entry Points Pro Indicator repaint?

No, the Entry Points Pro Indicator does not repaint entry signals. Once a buy or sell signal appears on the chart, it remains fixed without disappearing or shifting like other repainting indicators. This allows reliable trade execution per the signals.

What is the recommended broker for Entry Points Pro?

The Entry Points Pro Indicator works with all brokers that support MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 platforms. Some recommended regulated brokers to use this indicator with are Pepperstone, IC Markets, FXView, Forex.com, Oanda.

Can I automate Entry Points Pro Indicator signals?

Yes, traders can program the Entry Points Pro Indicator buy/sell signals to trigger automated trades via trading bots or Expert Advisors (EA) in MetaTrader 4. This hands-free approach executes trades automatically per indicator signals.

How do I use risk management with Entry Points Pro?

Use principles of sound risk management like appropriate position sizing, stop losses, risk-reward ratios etc. to manage trades triggered by the Entry Points Pro Indicator. Avoid overtrading or risking too much capital per trade.


The Entry Points Pro Indicator is an easy-to-use technical analysis tool that helps traders identify low-risk, high-probability entry points across different financial markets. Its versatility, customizability and non-repainting signals offer a reliable edge for timing trade entries skillfully.

By combining indicator signals with solid risk management protocols and trading psychology, the Entry Points Pro Indicator can boost trading success and long-term profitability. It takes the complexity out of trade timing while improving results for systematic traders.

So for traders looking for an edge in entering momentum-based trend trades early across forex, stocks and commodities, the Entry Points Pro Indicator is definitely worth considering.

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