Quantum Breakout Indicator PRO – A Detailed Review

Quantum Breakout Indicator PRO is a revolutionary trading indicator for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform that helps traders identify high-probability breakout zones on any timeframe. Developed by a team of experienced traders, this indicator aims to transform breakout trading using its innovative features.

Quantum Breakout Indicator PRO

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Overview of Quantum Breakout Indicator PRO

The Quantum Breakout Indicator PRO scans the charts to detect potential breakout zones where the price may break out of a range or consolidation. It uses an advanced algorithm to filter out false breakouts and only highlight high probability breakout zones with strong momentum.

Some key features of this indicator include:

  • Identifies breakout zones on any timeframe and currency pair
  • Analyzes price action and volatility to detect genuine breakouts
  • Plots up to 5 potential profit targets and stop loss for each trade
  • Customizable parameters for breakout box time and risk management
  • Compatible with EAs and manual trading
  • Easy to install and use with default optimized settings

How Does Quantum Breakout Indicator PRO Work?

The working principle of the Quantum Breakout Indicator PRO is based on its enhanced statistical calculation rules and algorithmic scanning. Here is an overview:

  • Scans Charts for Breakout Zones: The indicator continuously scans the charts across timeframes to detect potential breakout zones. It looks for areas where the price may be ranging or consolidating before a potential breakout.
  • Analyzes Price Action: The algorithm analyzes the price action and volatility within the potential breakout zones. This allows it to gauge the momentum and filter out false breakouts.
  • Plots Breakout Boxes: Once a high probability breakout zone is identified, the indicator plots a breakout box encapsulating the range.
  • Determines Targets and Stop Loss: Based on the size of the breakout box, the indicator calculates up to 5 potential profit targets above or below the box. It also plots a stop loss level.
  • Monitors Outcome: As the price breaks out of the box, the indicator monitors if targets are achieved or if the stop loss is hit. This data is used to continuously improve the accuracy of the algorithm.

Key Features and Settings

Here are some of the notable features of Quantum Breakout Indicator PRO:

  • Breakout Box Time Range: Users can set the optimal time range for plotting the breakout boxes using the Box Time Start and Box Time End parameters. The default settings are optimized for each timeframe.
  • Multiple Take Profit Levels: The indicator shows up to 5 potential take profit levels above or below the breakout box so traders can aim for partial profits.
  • Intelligent Stop Loss: An optimized stop loss distance from the breakout box is shown to limit downside risk if the breakout fails.
  • Statistics Module: The indicator has an in-built statistics module that shows historical performance data like percentage of successful breakouts, average win/loss etc.
  • Alerts: Audio, visual and email alerts can be enabled to notify traders of new breakout signals.
  • Fully Customizable: Almost every aspect of the indicator can be customized as per trading preferences. This includes colors, box style, profit targets calculation etc.

Benefits of Using Quantum Breakout Indicator PRO

Here are some of the key benefits of using this indicator for breakout trading:

  • Higher Accuracy: Its ability to distinguish between genuine and false breakouts means traders enjoy a high probability of success on trades.
  • Multiple Targets: Take partial profits at several levels thanks to the multiple take profit targets identified.
  • Limited Risk: The optimized stop loss ensures risk on each trade is capped in case the breakout fails.
  • Saves Time: The indicator does all the analytical work, allowing traders to quickly identify and act on high probability breakout opportunities.
  • Optimized Parameters: The default settings work great out of the box, minimizing setup time. Parameters can also be customized easily.
  • EA Compatible: The indicator can be easily integrated into Expert Advisors for automated breakout trading strategies.

Using Quantum Breakout Indicator PRO

Quantum Breakout Indicator PRO is simple and intuitive to use. Follow these steps:

  • Add to Chart: Apply the indicator to the currency pair chart you wish to trade. Timeframes of 15 mins and above are recommended.
  • Analyze Signals: Look for breakout boxes plotted on the chart. Arrows pointing up or down show the breakout direction.
  • Check Targets & Stop Loss: The potential take profit levels and stop loss will be displayed.
  • Place Trade: When the price breaks out of the box, execute a trade in the breakout direction.
  • Manage Trade: Move stop loss to breakeven at the first target. Close partial profits at subsequent targets. Exit any remaining position at final target.

Performance and Results

Extensive backtesting shows Quantum Breakout Indicator PRO has a high percentage of winning breakout trades when default settings are used. Many users also report good results in live trading, especially on major currency pairs like EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

On average, this indicator provides a risk reward ratio of at least 1:2 on trades, with potential to capture much larger gains if multiple profit targets are achieved. As with any trading system, proper risk management is key to long term success.

Pricing and Availability

Quantum Breakout Indicator PRO is available for purchase on the MetaTrader Marketplace. It comes with a one-time payment – no recurring fees or subscriptions.

At the time of writing this review, the indicator is priced at $99. The developers occasionally run promotions with a discounted price.


Overall, Quantum Breakout Indicator PRO is one of the most advanced breakout trading tools available for MT4. It simplifies the process of identifying high probability breakout setups.

The combination of advanced statistics, intelligent algorithm, and robust features provides a distinct edge for traders. While no trading indicator can guarantee 100% winning trades, this tool has the potential to significantly boost breakout trading performance.

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