The Intelligent Trend Indicator – A Comprehensive Review

The Intelligent Trend Indicator is a technical analysis tool designed for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform. It aims to help traders identify market trends and make better trading decisions. In this comprehensive review, we will take an in-depth look at how this indicator works, its key features, pros and cons, and suitability for different trading strategies.

The Intelligent Trend Indicator

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Overview of The Intelligent Trend Indicator

The Intelligent Trend Indicator is marketed as a “non-repaint” indicator that generates buy and sell signals for traders. It combines a main signal indicator with additional filters that analyze the market trend across multiple timeframes.

The indicator suite includes:

  • Intelligent Trend Indicator – The primary signal indicator
  • Intelligent Candle Pressure – Displays market pressure on current candle
  • Intelligent Trend Dashboard – Monitors trend direction across timeframes

Together, these components aim to provide high-probability trading signals to enter and exit the market. The indicator is designed for MT4 and can be used on any forex currency pair or other tradable assets like stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

How The Intelligent Trend Indicator Works

The Intelligent Trend Indicator is based on several key concepts:

Non-Repainting Signals

The main Intelligent Trend Indicator plots arrows on the chart that do not disappear or change position as new price data comes in. This avoids the problem of repainting where signals shift around and create confusion. The goal is to clearly identify possible trade entry and exit points.

Market Pressure Filter

The Intelligent Candle Pressure indicator analyzes the current momentum and pressure on the latest candle across multiple timeframes. This allows assessing whether the current candle has significant bullish or bearish pressure.

Multi-Timeframe Trend Analysis

The Intelligent Trend Dashboard monitors the overall market trend on timeframes from 1 minute to 1 month. For trade signals, it requires 90% of the trends to be aligned in one direction. This ensures trade signals are in alignment with the prevailing trend.

Entry and Exit Signal Arrows

The main Intelligent Trend Indicator plots colored arrows on the chart to indicate potential long and short trade entry and exit points. Traders use the dashboard and candle pressure for confirmation before taking trades based on the arrows.

Key Features of The Intelligent Trend Indicator

Here are some of the standout features that the Intelligent Trend Indicator offers:

  • Non-repainting signal arrows – Plots buy and sell arrows that do not disappear or shift position, avoiding signal repainting issues.
  • Candle pressure filter – Assesses bullish/bearish momentum on the current candle across multiple timeframes.
  • Multi-timeframe trend dashboard – Displays overall market trend bias on timeframes from 1 minute to 1 month.
  • Alerts and notifications – Allows configuring pop-up, email and push notifications for signal arrows.
  • Suitable for all assets – Can be used to trade forex, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies and any other MT4 instruments.
  • Customizable parameters – Settings like arrow colors, dashboard colors, etc. can be adjusted as per trader preferences.
  • Works on all timeframes – Suitable for scalpers and long-term traders, from 1 minute to 1 month charts.

These features make the Intelligent Trend Indicator a versatile tool for trend traders who rely on indicators for decision-making. The combination of entry signals with multi-timeframe filters provides high-probability trading opportunities.

Trading Strategy for The Intelligent Trend Indicator

The Intelligent Trend Indicator can be incorporated into a rules-based trading strategy. Here are the key rules for using this indicator effectively:

Entry Signals

  • Go long when a green arrow appears and Intelligent Candle Pressure shows bullish momentum on the current candle.
  • Go short when a red arrow appears and Intelligent Candle Pressure shows bearish momentum on the current candle.
  • Ensure the Intelligent Trend Dashboard shows 90% of trends aligned in the direction of the signal arrow.
  • Consider entering on market structure breaks (support/resistance breaks) in the direction of the dashboard trend.

Exit Signals

  • Close long trades when a red arrow appears or when price breaks a support level.
  • Close short trades when a green arrow appears or when price breaks a resistance level.
  • Use a stop loss 2-5 pips beyond swing highs/lows. Trail stop below support on longs and above resistance on shorts.

Risk Management

  • Risk no more than 1-2% of account per trade.
  • Employ sound risk:reward principles, with at least 1:1 reward for every 1 risked.
  • Move stop loss to breakeven once trade is ~2/3rds towards its profit target.

Pros and Cons of The Intelligent Trend Indicator


  • Provides clear non-repainting trade signals
  • Candle pressure filter adds confidence
  • Multi-timeframe dashboard assesses overall trend
  • Suitable for all instruments and timeframes
  • Customizable parameters and alert options


  • Can generate false signals in choppy/ranging markets
  • Requires monitoring multiple indicators
  • Potential lag in signals during trend reversals
  • Needs effective risk management to avoid overtrading

Is The Intelligent Trend Indicator Worth the Money?

The Intelligent Trend Indicator is sold for a one-time fee of $130. For the functionality it provides, this seems like a reasonable price.

The non-repainting signals, candle pressure filter and multi-timeframe dashboard provide high-probability signals that can give an edge in trending markets. The indicator can be valuable for forex, stock, commodity and crypto traders who rely on indicators for decision-making.

However, as with all indicators, effective risk management, trade planning and money management are still essential. The Intelligent Trend Indicator provides trade signals but does not guarantee winning trades. It should be used as part of an overall trading plan, not as a standalone system.

For traders who already have a trading strategy and want high-probability confirmation before entering trades, the Intelligent Trend Indicator can be a useful addition. But for complete beginners, focusing on price action and market structure may be more beneficial at first.

How The Intelligent Trend Indicator Compares To Other Trend Tools

The Intelligent Trend Indicator belongs to the category of indicator-based trend trading tools. Here is how it compares to some other popular trend indicators and systems:

Moving Averages

Widely used trend indicators but prone to lagging price action. The Intelligent Trend Indicator aims to provide more timely signals through its arrow system.


Good for assessing momentum but does not give direct trade signals. Intelligent Trend combines momentum with arrows and multi-timeframe analysis.

Bollinger Bands

Useful for identifying overbought/oversold levels but does not signal trend direction. Intelligent Trend focuses purely on trend analysis.

Supertrend Indicator

A popular trend-following indicator but prone to repainting. Intelligent Trend aims to solve repainting and provide high-probability signals.

Donchian Channels

Good for identifying support/resistance but does not confirm trend direction. Intelligent Trend adds trend confirmation through the dashboard.

Ichimoku Cloud

A comprehensive trend trading system but has a steep learning curve. Intelligent Trend offers easier-to-use trend signals.

So in summary, the Intelligent Trend Indicator aims to combine the simplicity of a signal system with multi-timeframe trend analysis to provide high-probability trade signals. For traders already familiar with trend trading, it can be a beneficial addition to confirm trade direction.

Can The Intelligent Trend Indicator Be Profitable?

As with any indicator, the profitability of the Intelligent Trend Indicator depends greatly on how it is used as part of an overall trading plan. The indicator can certainly identify high-probability trading opportunities, but several factors affect whether those translate into profits:

  • Effective risk-reward ratios – Profitable trading requires appropriate risk management, position sizing and favorable risk:reward ratios on trades.
  • Money management – Even with a win rate of 60-70%, poor money management can lead to account blow-ups through overtrading and poor capital allocation.
  • Discipline – Traders must follow their trading plans and not fall prey to emotions like greed and fear. Discipline is key for long-term profitability.
  • Understanding market conditions – Indicators work best in trending markets. Trading ranges and volatility must be accounted for while using indicators.
  • Realistic expectations – No indicator or system can generate profits on every trade. Traders must set realistic goals and not expect perfection.

The Intelligent Trend Indicator has the potential to stack the odds in the trader’s favor. But ultimately, developing the necessary skills and traits required for successful trading determines profitability. New traders should focus on education first before relying too heavily on indicators.

Who Is The Intelligent Trend Indicator Best Suited For?

Based on its features and functionality, the Intelligent Trend Indicator seems best suited for these types of traders:

  • Trend traders – Since it focuses on trend analysis, it is naturally a good fit for trend following strategies across various timeframes.
  • Systematic traders – The rules-based signals allow the indicator to be incorporated into systematic and algorithmic trading systems.
  • Part-time traders – The alerts and notifications allow busy traders to monitor signals without staring at charts all day.
  • Confirmation-focused traders – The indicator can provide additional confirmation for discretionary traders before entering trades.
  • Forex, stocks, crypto – The indicator is versatile across these liquid markets that often trend strongly for extended periods.

The Intelligent Trend Indicator may appeal less to very short-term scalpers or counter-trend traders. It also has limited use in low liquidity markets with limited trending behavior.

Verdict – Who Should Consider Buying The Intelligent Trend Indicator?

The Intelligent Trend Indicator seems most suitable for intermediate to experienced trend traders who rely on indicators for trade confirmation. The multi-timeframe dashboard, candle pressure filter and non-repainting arrows provide high-probability signals on trend continuations and reversals.

Less experienced traders may find the indicator overwhelming at first, with multiple components requiring monitoring. Beginners may be better off learning single indicators like moving averages and Bollinger bands before graduating to combinations like the Intelligent Trend Indicator.

Overall, trend traders who already have a trading strategy in place and want additional confirmation can benefit the most from purchasing this indicator. But as always, proper education, risk management and practice are vital for long-term trading success, regardless of the indicators used.

Conclusion – A Versatile Tool for Trend Traders

The Intelligent Trend Indicator aims to provide clear, high-probability trade signals for trend traders by combining entry arrows with multi-timeframe trend analysis. For experienced traders, it can serve as a valuable confirmation tool to boost confidence in trade direction.

However, no indicator is a magic bullet, and the onus lies with traders to extract profits from the signals through robust risk and money management. The indicator seems reasonably priced for the functionality it provides. But as always, indicators should supplement rather than replace a structured trading approach focused on price action principles.

Overall, the Intelligent Trend Indicator can be a beneficial addition for trend traders across forex, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies. While not revolutionary, it does combine several useful features not found in many other trend tools. If used wisely as part of a broader trading plan, it has the potential to improve trade timing and confirmation for trend-based strategies.

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